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TAWAN Director's Christmas Letter

Dear clients, partners, friends, 

the most beautiful part of the year is fast approaching and it is a great honor for us at TAWAN that you already choose us for your loved ones under the Christmas tree. As every year, there is a 20% discount on Christmas gift vouchers when you buy two or more. 

Vouchers can be redeemed in any TAWAN salon, and don't worry about choosing the wrong massage, because our great masseuses and receptionists will customize the massage for everyone. The recipient can change the massage according to their wishes. If you need advice on choosing, do not hesitate to contact our reception or use our quick guide. On the website, we also write about massages that are focused on specific problem areas. You can also choose massage packages or vouchers in any crown value. 

And since Christmas is really approaching and the Christmas atmosphere is all around us, we would like to present you our new Christmas spot with Jakub Kohák. You can also view the currently playing radio spots on the Czech airwaves, or even a video from the newest Prague salon in Korunní Dvůr

What kind of Christmas would it be if we didn't also think about the needy around us. This year, together with your help, we will distribute many beautiful gifts to children from the Dagmar Children's Home in Brno and with the Drop of Hope (Kapka naděje) in Prague to children from the Oncology Clinic and the Children's Psychiatric Clinic of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University and Motol University Hospital in Prague. 

For many of us, Christmas is associated with traditional dishes such as carp with potato salad, but if you would also like Thai cuisine, we have prepared for you the second edition of our own Taste of Thailand cookbook. Visit our showrooms to collect your free copy

We are very pleased with your interest in the great art of our Thai masseuses, and therefore this year we will be even more open to your visits during the holidays. The opening hours of the salons are already listed on our website for specific salons, in full also here and, of course, also on google maps and

It has been 17 years since TAWAN saw the light of day and I want to thank you very much for your long-term patronage and trust, and for enjoying us so much. A huge thank you goes especially to all my colleagues who are behind the great service and without whom it really wouldn't be possible. 

I wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas time. 

Michal Votruba 
director of TAWAN salons 

PS: and if you have anything on your mind, please do not hesitate to contact me as always,

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