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Thai massages TAWAN


Our masseuses

In Thai families, massage skills are passed from generation to generation. It is an art, philosophy and an exceptional gift. In Tawan we personally choose the best masseuses, train them and test them.

About Thai massages

You are the centre of everything

Tawan means “sun” in Thai language and we bring the healing benefits of sun’s rays to your everyday life. We are a family company and our mission is to provide you with a unique experience in a charming and private environment.

About us

Individual setting

Before every massage we talk about your health conditions and about the reasons why you came to Tawan. Due to this, our masseuses know exactly what to focus on during the massage and what to leave out.


We take care of everything

Here you can find everything you need for your relaxation. You can enjoy delicious tea or coffee, use our shower or body cosmetics and other items, such as a comfortable cotton garment, comb, hair elastics or hair dryer.

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A thousand-year-old art

We have prepared an offer of more than 20 traditional Thai massages and treatments suitable for modern-day life which respect the ancient techniques and art of the temple schools.

About Thai massages

High quality natural products

You can choose from a wide offer of 100 % natural oils which turn your massage into an absolutely exceptional experience. We will be glad to present the current offer of oils to you in our salon.


Private rooms

The possibility to enjoy an excellent experience without being disturbed is vital for the perfect relaxation. Therefore, you can enjoy your massage in a separate room where you can have the maximum peace and privacy.

Our salons
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Popular massages

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