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Gift vouchers

Give your loved ones a special present

Treat your loved ones to an exceptional experience of perfect relaxation and give them a piece of exotic Thailand, where there is no rush and where stress and bad moods disappear.

Make your loved ones happy

Valid in all the salons

Our vouchers can be used in all TAWAN salons.

Prepared while you wait

Vouchers are prepared while you wait, online immediately by e-mail or sent by a courier.

An elegant gift

We offer the gift voucher in a presentation envelope which you can give as a present immediately.

How to order a voucher?

What types of gift vouchers do we have?

  • For a certain financial amount (e.g. CZK 1,000, CZK 1,500...)
  • For a particular massage
  • For a combination of massages
  • For prepared packages of massages

Delivery methods

  • Pick up at the selected salon
  • By e-mail in the PDF format
  • By contract carrier (PPL, DHL)

Voucher redemption


  • Validity 12 months with the possibility of extension
  • Valid in all TAWAN salons
  • Prepared on demand, online (PDF) or sent by courier
  • We will always trace the lost voucher and issue you a new one
  • The recipient chooses the date of the massage according to his/her wishes
  • We will recommend a massage according to the needs of the recipient
  • Possible change of the wrong type (of massage)

Choose a salon to purchase or redeem a voucher

Frequently asked questions

What is the voucher validity? Can I extend it?

The validity of a gift voucher is usually 12 months from the date of purchase. Due to the government restrictions we extend the validity of newly purchased vouchers to a one full year. The length of validity may vary according to special offers. The last day of usability of the voucher you can find on your voucher. Extension of the voucher before the end of its validity for a fee of CZK 190 for another 6 months and reactivation after the validity of the voucher for a fee of CZK 390 for another 6 months is possible here.

Why is there a PIN?

A PIN is a four-digit code allocated to the voucher number. It is a unique combination thanks to which it is possible to use the voucher. PDF vouchers don't need to be printed. Do not wipe off your PIN if not required. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone. Soon it will also be possible to use a PIN for online booking.

I have lost my voucher. What shall I do?

Due to a large number of vouchers in all the salons we need the maximum possible data to find your lost voucher – ideally the date and time of purchase, locality and price or what is included in the voucher. For easier search, we always recommend buying a voucher on your TAWAN club account.

How can I order a gift voucher for two?

A gift voucher for a massage for a couple can be ordered in person in the salons without having to order in advance. A massage for a couple is not a particular type of massage. You simply choose two massages or two packages. Due to technical reasons, we do not issue one voucher for more services online and therefore you will obtain two separate vouchers for your couple's massage. Naturally, you can use them for a couple's massage.

I have selected the wrong massage. Can I change it?

A gift voucher can be used for any massage or service. If a cheaper service is used, the unused amount is kept for further use within the validity of the voucher. If you use a more expensive service, you will have to pay the extra amount. 

Can I pay the extra for a more expensive massage?

If you choose a more expensive massage than the value of the voucher, the reception will ask you to pay the difference according to the price list. In such cases, no discounts or special offers apply to the services. The difference in the value can be paid in cash, by card, by cheque, using benefits etc.

Is a gift voucher issued for a particular name and what is specified in it?

Gift vouchers are not issued for a particular name. For a personalised gift, you can use our elegant envelopes.

Can I use more vouchers for one massage?

Yes, you can.

How can I order more vouchers?

Gift vouchers can be ordered at any number online and purchased in our salons without having to order them in advance.

Can I order a voucher for a value lower than the massage costs?

Gift vouchers start from CZK 500. The voucher holder can choose a massage as and when they like. The same standard conditions as other massages.  

Are gift vouchers transferable?

Yes, you can change your opinion. Gift vouchers are not issued for a particular name. Choose the gift recipient as you like. 

Can the voucher be delivered abroad?

Unfortunately, we currently do not deliver abroad. Due to capacity reasons, we use a reliable partner, the messenger company, and within the set price we are not able to deliver abroad. If this is important to you, it is possible to find out the price specifically and send a voucher when pre-paying with an invoice. In such cases, please write to

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