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Discounts for regular visitors

Do you work hard? Are you not able to find free time for your holiday but you know that if you want to be successful, you have to learn how to relax and switch off in your free time? An ideal way how to relax regularly is to purchase a credit for TAWAN centres.

How to get a credit

Credits can be purchased in person in all TAWAN salons or you can buy a gift voucher in person or online and have it transferred to credit when you visit us in person.

How to use credits

Besides yourself, credits can be used by any other person you choose according to the rules set by you – for example a password or the maximum monthly amount etc. Massages from the credit can be booked by phone or by online booking.


20.000 Kč

You will get

24.000 Kč


40.000 Kč

You will get

50.000 Kč

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