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How to choose the correct massage

For her 

  • Royal oil massage - Royal experience with herbs and relaxing oil massage.
  • Coconut treatment - Two-hour natural coconut oil treatment and perfect massage.
  • Relaxing argan oil massage - Moroccan gold and perfect techniques of our masseuses.
  • Hemp oil massage - Miraculous hemp oil for all skin problems and a great massage. 
  • Relaxation oil massage - The most famous oil massage of the whole body with selected natural oil. 

Special Experiences

  • Honey massage - The perfect effects of Czech honey given by Thai therapists.
  • Chocolate massage - Pamper your loved ones with this massage bathed in the scent of luxurious chocolate.
  • Mango oil massage - Our unique massage full of mango and mango products.
  • Golf massage with a golf ball - An experience not only for golfers, a great massage with a real golf ball. 
  • Massage packages or special ones at TAWAN Italská - Explore experiences in the form of packages. 

Luxury experiences

  • TAWAN Paradise - A pampering package for the discerning. Massage, wrap, peeling, face mask, sauna and more.
  • Touch of Thailand - Package similar to above without sauna. 
  • Detox treatment - Too much coffee, work, stress? Perfect detox in the form of natural algae and our treatment.
  • Credits for massages - Donate the selected amount for multiple massages with no time limit. 

For him

  • Traditional Thai massage - For those who are active in life and want a strong massage. 
  • Royal Thai massage - Traditional Thai temple massage supplemented with hot herbal packages. 
  • Reflex foot massage - Relaxing massage of calves, thighs and soles of the feet. 
  • Combined massage - Combination of Thai stretching massage with oil back massage. 

For the little ones

  • Relaxing oil massage - For the youngest, a specially prepared and gentle oil massage with a 30% discount up to 15 years.

Length of massage 

The basic length is 60 minutes, but choose at least 90 as a gift. One-hour massages are suitable for those who do not have enough time, at work or as a short prevention. For really beautiful Christmas gifts, we recommend 90 minutes or longer massages or treatments. This practice applies to massage beginners, but even more so for experienced visitors. From those who are still on the move, you may hear: "What am I going to do there for such a long time?" The answer may sound too fairy-tale, but it is the reality:-). "Imagine the perfect experience where they devote themselves only to you, great aromas, music, dim lighting and a relaxing massage that helps and is infinitely pleasant at the same time. You meditate, rest and you really wish it would last longer than it actually does."

Problem areas 

We have prepared for you a range of problems that Thai massages can solve here

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