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Thai massages

Learn about the history and world of Thai massage

The power is in experience

A perfect traditional Thai massage requires many years of experience and a thorough knowledge of energy lines in the body, as their blockages can result in various health complications. The blockages are removed by pressing acupressure points, muscles and tendons in combination with relaxing stretching of the limbs and the back.

Our Thai massages

Unique features of a Thai massage

A conventional massage is focused only on muscles and soft tissues, but a Thai massage focuses on the body as a whole. A traditional Thai massage induces a deep relaxation of both the body and the mind and emphasis is placed mostly on the joints and muscles of the legs, feet and back, i.e. those parts which suffer the most due to our modern lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions

Why have a Thai massage

  • Thai oil massage brings relaxation for body and mind
  • Thai massage eliminates pain and stiff muscles and joints
  • Thai massage supports the correct function of the lymphatic system
  • Thai massage reduces insomnia and anxiety
  • Thai foot reflexology unblocks energy flow in the body
  • Thai massage contributes to better digestion and faster metabolism
  • Thai massage supports excretion of harmful substances from the body
  • Thai massage eliminates stress and tension
  • Thai massage helps to fight depressioni
  • Thai massage eliminates migraine and helps you to stay in good mood

When and who for Thai massage is not suitable

  • Klasická thajská masáž není vhodná pro těhotné – těm je ale určena naše speciální masáž Pregnancy
  • Během menstruace nebo šestinedělí – s výjimkou speciální masáže Healthy Mum určené pro čerstvé maminky
  • Při akutních onemocněních či poúrazových stavech
  • Při vysokém krevním tlaku a srdečních onemocněních
  • Při akutních zánětech či virových onemocněních a onemocněních kůže
  • Při osteoporóze - využijte prosím raději naši masáž Aroma Oil
  • Při výrazných problémech s křečovými žilami – zde doporučujeme jemnou Aroma Oil
  • Po požití alkoholu, omamných látek či tišících léků

Massage as the oldest form of therapy

One of the first sources talking about massage therapy is the canon of Nei Thing Sou Wen from the year 3 700 B.C. It mentions the use of acupuncture and acupressure. Massage is also mentioned in the works of Confucius.

The art of massage was also known to the Persians, Babylonians and Assyrians. The ancient Greeks and Romans used massages as well and the body culture and hygiene were at quite a high level in that era. The Greek physician Galen massaged gladiators to prepare them for entering the arena and massaged those who survived their fight as well.

The oldest preserved work mentioning massage comes from Ancient Egypt and China
Thai massage is based on the therapeutic theory of internal energy lines called Sen

2000 years
of experience

The art of Thai massage has been passed on in an almost unaltered form for more than 2 thousand years. Its founder is believed to be the physician Jivaka, a close friend of Buddha. His curing methods complemented with traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Indian Ayurveda were developed by Buddhist monks in Thai temples. The contact with medicine all over the world has influenced the character of Thai massages since ancient times to nowadays.

Thai massage is based on the therapeutic theory of internal energy lines called Sen through which we supply our own bodies with life energy. By means of careful pressing on energy centres and stretching, the energy get flowing all over the organism.

Heritage of massage

Massage skills in Thai families are passed from generation to generation. It is considered to be both art and philosophy. It is a style of life as well as an exceptional gift. It belongs to Thailand in the same way as the fragrance of sacrificial flowers on golden statues in ancient temples, wistful tones of captivating music or the yellow robes of the omnipresent Buddhist monks.

Northern vs southern
massage style

In Thai art of massage there are two basic styles, two schools. The first one, the northern style, is taught in the town of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It is characteristic with slow and continuous relaxation of a certain rhythm and compared to the southern style it is considered to be softer. It is focused more on the work with energy lines.

The centre of the southern style is the Bangkok temple of Wat Pho. It is stronger, uses stretching techniques more and has a faster pace.

Currently, however, both styles are combined, and each masseur tries to find their distinctive style.

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