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Hot Chocolate massage

Hot Chocolate

The ingenious combination of chocolate and a warm relaxing massage is a real temptation for all lovers of sweets. In addition to a wonderful taste, chocolate also has excellent relaxing and regenerating effects. It contains a large amount of antioxidants, has a great anti-cellulite effect and leaves the skin soft, supple and perfectly smooth. In addition, chocolate will give you a feeling of deep relaxation and it will relieve stress or nervous tension. Finally, you will enjoy maximum relaxation in a wrap of real chocolate and while you relax, the Thai masseuse will perform an acupressure rejuvenating massage of the face and scalp. A dream for all lovers of delicate flavors and aromas. Also suitable for men.


  • The masseuse heats the chocolate together with the massage oil with which she performs the massage.
  • This is followed by a full body wrap.
  • We recommend using disposable underwear or being completely naked.
  • When you are ready to start the massage, place your chest on the massage table and cover the intimate areas with a towel.
  • After the therapy, a shower is required. The chocolate needs to be washed away perfectly. Soap and a towel will, of course, be at your disposal.

General information

  • Ideally, do not eat at least an hour before the massage.
  • Recommended repetition once a month.
  • We do not use hot herbs during this massage.
  • Try this as a massage for two.
  • Is this your first time here? All questions can be answered here.

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