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Christmas gift vouchers - Discount 20%

Christmas time is soon coming again to our lands and we wish everyone good health for Christmas. If you would like to support the health, relax and beauty of your loved ones with Tawan massages, we have prepared a special discount for gift vouchers this year again. Valid from November 1st, 2022.

You can pick up gift vouchers in person without prior order in the salons or order online - our e-shop is open 24 hours a day. We deliver by courier or by e-mail immediately. In the case of 20 or more vouchers, we also run again - TAWAN original delivery in a beautiful package and with our smile - please order at Thank you for being with us.

20% discount - when buying 2 or more vouchers
10% discount - when buying a single voucher

Gift vouchers are valid for a full 12 months!


Some insurance companies also contribute to massages, check with yours. Some employers pay off the so-called FKSP fund, don't let it fail.

Already today DEC 16th 2022, we already observe longer delays with the delivery of our packages in terms of 2-4 working days. Due to this we cannot guarantee delivery by Christmas for this year from now. Please consider ordering PDF to your email or personal pickup without preordering online. Thank you for understanding.

Vánoční dárkové poukazy thajské masáže Praha Brno

You can also park your car in comfort to buy vouchers without haste. In Korunni Dvur there are 2 outside parking spots. In Italska we have 3 parking spaces for you indoor. In Říčany in front of the building or in a side street. In Brno, park in front of the hotel and book in advance at the reception. In Karlovy Vary the best for use is Thermal Hotel parking at the Great hall - use hallway which leads directly to our salon.

  • The discount is valid for online purchases or in person in the salons throughout November and December until 31 December 2022.
  • Only when paying in cash or by credit card (does not apply to Benefits Card, Flexipass card, etc).
  • Cannot be combined with credits, other discounts or gift vouchers already purchased.

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