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Frequently asked questions

What do you ask us most often?

When is it better to postpone your Thai massage? EN

Thai massage is not recommended with tumorous conditions, acute inflammations and infectious diseases (even when you feel the first symptoms). Massage is also recommended only after a bone fracture has healed completely.

When to make some considerations about Thai massage?

In some situations, it is not suitable to take a Thai massage to full extent. However, it is possible to adjust the massage content and technique to the client’s condition. These cases of partial contraindications include e.g. smaller burns, diabetes, epilepsy, allergy or heart conditions. If you have spinal disc problems, varicose veins or osteoporosis, we recommend relaxation oil massages without stretching.
If you suffer from any of the above mentioned health conditions or if you have any doubts about suitability of a procedure with regard to your health condition, we recommend consulting the visit with your physician.

What health conditions can be solved with a Thai massage and when is it suitable to take it?

Thai massage helps strained muscles, joints and tendons. One of the most frequent reasons for the visit is a locked neck, backpain, headaches, overloaded muscles or prevention of many health complaints. Thai massage works well for insomnia and strengthens the nervous system.

What is the recommended regime after taking a Thai massage?

Immediately after the massage, rest in the lounge for a few minutes. Get up slowly from the massage lounge, do not rush. After the massage we recommend drinking a lot as it is necessary to wash out toxins and harmful substances released during the massage from the body. After the massage it is good to stay in a calm regime for at least twenty minutes. Use our relaxation corners or if possible, take a jacuzzi or a hot bath. When leaving the salon, take care not to catch a chill.

Is Thai massage limited by age?

Thai massage can be taken without any age limitation. Masseuses always consider the health condition of the client and adjust the massage to it. Generally, we can say that the most suitable type of massage for small children and seniors is a relaxation oil massage (e.g. Aroma Oil).

If I do not feel well, is it suitable to take a Thai massage?

If you do not feel well or if you have a cold, we recommend postponing your visit. However, if you are only in a bad mood, tired or stressed, it is a great idea to take a Thai massage. During the massage you will calm down and regenerate, not only in your body but also in your mind.

Is it necessary to adjust the drinking regime before, during and after the massage?

The drinking regime must be kept up for the whole day, therefore do not hesitate and ask for a glass of water or a cup of hot tea. After the Thai massage, it is even more important to keep the drinking regime as you need to wash out toxins and harmful substances released during the massage from the body. Generally, on the day of the massage it is recommended to drink at least half a litre of liquid more than usual. It is not a problem to eat before a massage, but it is recommended eating your last large meal approximately one hour before the massage.

Can Thai massage be painful or is pain a signal that something is not right?

If you have never taken a massage before and you are somewhat unfit, your first massage may hurt a bit, but it will not be unpleasant. Due to poor body posture, incorrect walking and sitting at the computer, our muscles are often stiff and painful. Correcting this damage to our body can be slightly painful during the first massage but it is definitely very useful.

Is Thai massage suitable for pregnant women?

Not only is Thai massage suitable, it is also highly beneficial during the majority of pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are many myths concerning massages and their impacts on pregnant women and the health of the embryo. To a great extent these are caused by ignorance or excessive self-caution. Therefore, many women do not enjoy the health benefits provided by the prenatal massage.

During the first three months of pregnancy, women can take a Thai massage after a consultation with their gynaecologist. From the fourth to the eighth month, women can take a Thai massage without limitation as they feel like and need. Pregnant women who have this massage relax the strained muscles, sleep better and are more resistant to stress. The other benefits of Thai massage include improved immunity and blood circulation. Massage also improves oxygen and nutrient flow to the embryo.

How often do you recommend taking the massage?

As a pleasant relaxation, you can take a Thai massage as often as you like. If you do not have any health problems and you would like to prevent them, it is enough to visit us once in every two to four weeks. You will relax your strained neck muscles, prevent headaches and stretch your stiff muscles. You will improve your blood circulation, strengthen your nervous system, calm your mind and generally you will feel full of energy. In case of more serious problems with your locomotive organs, if you suffer from migraines, insomnia or stress, you should have a Thai massage more often.


Would you like to have a massage at a particular date? Let us know as soon as possible so that we could fulfil your request.

If you are more flexible about your date and time, please contact us and we can find the nearest possible appointment for you.

Before massage

We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes before the actual massage starts to be able to get undressed, refresh yourself or have a shower without rushing.

Please do not eat anything immediately before the massage. You will not enjoy the massage completely with the full stomach and we will have to leave out the abdominal area during the massage.
Do you want a stronger or a softer massage? Do you want to have the massage adjusted or do you have any other requirement? Do not hesitate to tell us at your arrival to the salon, we will try to satisfy your requirements to the maximum possible extent.

Health condition

If you have any health complications, please inform us about them before massage. We will choose a massage with regard to your comfort and eliminate any possible risks. If you are not sure about your health condition, please contact your physician.

We would like to point out that we are not responsible for any possible deterioration of your health condition. Possible problems can be consulted at or on 602 966 978. Everything is kept confidential.

Quiet environment

It is important for us that you relax here. Therefore, we would like to ask you to switch your mobile ring tone to the silent mode without vibrations. We would also like to ask you to keep your conversation to a minimum.


In the 1st trimester consult a possible massage with your gynaecologist. Starting from the 2nd trimester, you can have a massage as you like. Focus on your back muscles, spine, nape and legs. An excellent choice is our Pregnancy massage. We do not recommend taking a foot massage in pregnancy.

In pregnancy, massage will reduce tension, increase immunity and improve the flow of nutrients to the baby.
In puerperium, Thai massage is not suitable. After puerperium, we will be glad to see you again, you can take e.g. our Healthy Mum massage which will have beneficial effects for your body.

What to take off before the massage?

Before the massage we recommend taking off all your jewellery, including your watch. You can keep them in the storage at the reception or in the individual massage rooms.
If you ordered a Classic Thai massage, get changed into a special loose robe which can be found prepared on the massage lounge. Lie down on your stomach on the lounge and wait for the therapist to come. Only for the Face massage and Foot massage, lie down on your back instead.

Before taking a face massage, we recommend taking out your contact lenses. For all massages, but mainly oil massages or massages including peeling or wraps, we recommend taking off everything, including your underwear. You can use disposable underwear prepared for you in every massage room. Before the therapist comes, lie down on the lounge and cover yourself with the towel provided for you.

During massage

Relax and have a rest during the massage. In order to enhance your experience, you can close your eyes and increase your relaxation. Deep relaxation can turn into sleep and definitely do not be afraid to have a nap!

Please inform our therapists about any problems or discomfort immediately. We are glad for any reaction and our masseuses are ready to adjust the massage based on simple code words:

SOFT – you require a light massage

STRONG – you require a harder/more intensive massage


After massage

Do not rush anywhere, sit down on a comfortable sofa and have a cup of excellent green or ginger tea. In our salons you can relax as long as you want and enjoy the after effects of the massage in peace and quiet.  

If you were not happy with anything, do not hesitate and tell us about it. We want to improve continuously, and we will be glad for any feedback.  

If you want to contact us, please write an e-mail to




If you decide to cancel an appointment for a massage, please do it as early as possible in order to be able to offer the slot to other clients. You do not have to worry, as we do not charge any cancellation fees. However, we would appreciate if you would inform us if you cannot attend an appointment. We will look forward to your next visit.

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