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New salon at Korunní Dvůr

Perfect experiences in TAWAN Korunní Dvůr

After a long reconstruction and complete redesign, we already opened our latest joy for you on July 2nd, a salon in a perfectly quiet environment, TAWAN Korunní Dvůr in Prague Vinohrady. We had an introductory 20% discount for all types of massages and packages. The discount was valid for payment in cash or by credit card (non-benefit) until 31 July 2022. It did not apply to gift vouchers and discounts were not combinable as always. Please let us know how did we do with the new design. What shall be upgraded or done better next time. You can always talk about this with our reception staff. 

TAWAN Korunní Dvůr

721 731 401,

We have 2 parking slots inside of the Korunni Dvur area, they are outdoor but very comfortable. Please reserve them with your car plate number at our reception beforehand.

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