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Redesign TAWAN Rezidence Vyšehrad - already open!

We are open and completely new!

TAWAN Rezidence Vyšehrad was one of our oldest salons in Prague, and we have been thinking about a complete reconstruction and redesign for a long time. On July 18, 2022, we decided to finally do something about it. We know what Vyšehrad meant to you, how it was different from other salons, and we believe that we will preserve all that and move it even further. Unfortunately, we were closed for 2.5 weeks to show you the best we could do with the space from August 3rd. In addition to the construction company, every manager in TAWAN is also involved in the reconstruction, we also leave a piece of ourselves there for you :-). As with every massage performed. We are very sorry for the complications and we believe that by reopening our gates, completely new gates, you will be satisfied with us again. Your TAWAN

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