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Hi, my name is Nana and I have lived in Thailand most of my life helping my family. I have a brother, a sister and also a cat and a dog. Around 2016, I decided to leave my hometown and started working as a masseuse. You have beautiful historical buildings in Prague, and I like the cathedral of St. Vitus. My hobbies include, for example, watching movies, and I like the fantasy genre, for example, Harry Potter or Star Wars. When I'm craving Thai food, I go buy the necessary ingredients and make a great papaya salad with grilled chicken. We thank you for being with us NANA. Your TAWAN


Other masseuses of our salons

Why have a massage here?

Thai masseuses

The art of Thai massages is passed from generation to generation. In the Tawan studio you can have a traditional Thai massage from native Thai masseuses with many years of experience.

Unique atmosphere

When you enter Tawan salons, you will leave all the rush and stress behind. A stunning atmosphere, intoxicating scents and relaxing music will transport your mind to sunny Thailand.

Premium service

Enjoy being pampered from start to finish. Disposable underwear, a comfortable cotton garment, dressing gown, cosmetic table and after the massage an excellent cup of tea.

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