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Masseuse SONG


Where is she from? Yasothon - a small town in eastern Thailand - the whole family lives there.
How long has he been massaging? 14 years (9 years in Tawan + 5 years in Thailand in a hotel spa)
What does she like? She likes Tawan and Brno, receptionist, sleep and relaxation, books on the phone.
How did she spend the lockdown? Cooking, watching TV, cleaning the apartment, buying groceries, calling the family, beer.
What does he normally cook and eat? Fried rolls - makes up to 40 pieces at once.
Where else did she work except Tawan? Large clothing factory - sewing. Farm and gardening, rice.
Any interesting things about her? - Long beautiful hair up to the waist.

Masseuse Song comes from the small town of Yasothon, located in eastern Thailand. She grew up in it and her whole family still lives there. Song has been massaging for fourteen years. She massaged the first five years in spa hotels in Thailand and has been working for us in Tawan for the last nine years. Prior to that, she worked as a seamstress in a clothing factory in Thailand. In addition, she was also involved in farming and growing rice. She loves Brno and her job. On days off, he rests and sleeps a lot. Sometimes he reads some books he has recorded on his phone. During the lockdown, she spent a lot of time watching TV, tidying up the whole apartment with the other Thais and also cooking together. Most often and most often, Song makes fried spring rolls, preparing up to forty at a time. He often has video calls with his family. She likes Czech beer and she really likes life in the Czech Republic. As an interesting fact, we could add that Song has beautiful black hair up to the waist.

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