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Masseuse LILI

Great masseuse from the Thai city of Kalasin Lili - real stories only in the TAWAN salon

He has a big family there. He is one of three siblings who live and work in Kalasin. She has two children. A daughter who is still studying and an older son who is already working. Before Lily began massages, she worked for an office in Malaysia. Since then, he has only been engaged in massages. He now lives in Brno with his friend, who is from France and works for an international IT company. They have a dog together with whom they spend a lot of free time. Lily likes to cook. Mostly Thai food, but our Czech cuisine also tastes good. She takes care of the home and tries to keep in touch with her family at least three times a week. She really likes Brno and wants to go to Thailand only on vacation. Her dream is to learn perfect English so that she can better understand clients and her friend.

Thank you so much Lili for being with us!

More about the salon, where you can find masseuse Lili here.

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