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Masseuse JEAB

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Masseuse Jeab comes from Thailand directly from Bangkok

He has been working for Brno's TAWAN for over fourteen years. She has a large family and is one of six siblings. Her three sons all live together and are cared for by her sister. Before she arrived in the Czech Republic, she also worked as a masseuse in a massage parlor in Bangkok. Originally, she worked with her family in a field where they grew fruit and vegetables, which they then sold together at the market. Jeab loves cooking and enjoys Thai food as well as our Czech cuisine. He often cooks for his friends and colleagues. In his free time, he takes care of himself, spends time at home relaxing, cooking, cleaning and talking with his family. She likes to massage Aroma Oil massages. He has a huge number of his clients, whom he has been helping with pain and staying fit for a long time. Jeab has a big heart where there is room for all who are sincere and fair to her. Her dream is to buy a big house in Bangkok, where her whole extended family could live together. She also wants to start attending Czech courses so that she can communicate better with her clients at work. What we tell you, we love Jeab as much as you do. Thank you for being with us.

You will find masseuse Jeab in the TAWAN Barcelo Brno salon from Wednesday to Sunday throughout June.

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Skvělá thajská masáž v podání dokonalé thajské terapeutky v Brně - TAWAN

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