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Draw of the summer competition Travel with TAWAN

Greetings from the Roosevelt salon. The draw for the summer competition Travel with TAWAN is here. At the outset, let me add that we of course proceeded according to the stated rules and those who received massages in more than 2 salons were in their fate more than once. If you handed us the competition sheets cut in half, we rewrote them on a new whole sheet so that you take your full place in destiny. And then it was all about coincidence:

Full draw here.

Consolation prize - voucher for ANTI-STRESS 30-min massage wins: Viktor Siegel, Petra Tichá Špalková, Jindřich Střelka 

3rd place - voucher 2000 CZK - Jana Hrdličková 

2nd place - voucher 5000 CZK - Petr Sýč 

1st place - 20,000 CZK voucher - Sylva Jančová 

After the publication of this message, we will immediately contact the winners at their email addresses. Thank you all very much for your participation and attention. Yours Michal Votruba, director of TAWAN salons.

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