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TAWAN Hotel Thermal - already open

Perfect Thai massages at the Thermal Hotel

On June 1, after a long reconstruction of the hotel passage and our complete redesign, we opened our / your favorite salon TAWAN Hotel Thermal.

Come and enjoy the experience of perfect massages in a beautiful environment. The atmosphere of the festival hotel, the smiles of our beautiful receptionists and the perfect touch of Thai master therapists will transport you for a time to a world where you are not in a hurry and stress and bad mood disappear behind the closed doors of our salon. We put the full commitment and all our skills and experience from more than 15 years of operating TAWAN family salons into the reconstruction. Come and fall in love with us even more than before. Thank you very much for supporting us and visiting us as in the past. Our masseuses are very much looking forward to you. We are open every day from 9:00 to 21:00, on weekends it is better to book a few days in advance. During June, a 20% discount was active, which applied only to completed massages, not vouchers, credits and discounts could not be combined.

Complete contact details of our beautiful salon here: TAWAN Hotel Thermal

Didn't find a place in Thermal? Try our second beautiful salon: TAWAN Nikolina

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